Fingerprint Jewellery

Individual created a unique keepsake of your child or loved ones fingerprint hand crafted in solid silver.


Ordering our Fingerprint Jewellery couldn't be easier, once you have chosen you and placed your order from our selection of charms, pendants, cufflinks or keyrings we will send you an easy to use impression kts which has a full set up instructions. Once you have used this to capture the impression of you child or loved one just return it to us with the prepaid return label, once we have received this we will create a solid silver impression for you. We will keep the impression for you should you wish to order additional items.

If you choose to have a charm or pendent which come in various shapes these can be attached to your own, bracelet or necklace or you can choose for it to come with one of our selection of bracelets and necklaces.

Each item that we handcraft is made of solid (999) silver and all of our chains and attachments are made from sterling 925 silver, each piece is hand engraved and hand polished giving you a bright shiny keepsake that you to cherish.


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