A unique pair of personalised fingerprint jewellery cufflinks makes a perfect gift for daddy or grandpa.

Choose from our different ranges, fingerprint cufflinks, handprint cufflinks, footprint cufflinks, paw print cufflinks or little picture cufflinks to begin creating your ideal pair of custom made cufflinks. All of our cufflinks have a sterling silver swivel back.

Cufflinks can be made in the following shapes:

- Little picture cut outs

- Handprint Footprint cut outs

- Little pictures on a square or circle- Circle, rectangle or square cufflinks with hands / feet / fingerprints

 Perfect baby keepsakes in solid silver.

Approximate sizes and lettering length are as follows:

Round, 18mm in diameter, length of name 8 letters

Rectangle, 10mm high, 17mm wide, length of name 4 letters or print and name on one and message on other

Square, 16mm wide/high, length of name 6 letters



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