If you already have your own special necklace or bracelet, then this is the perfection option for you. Your personalised jewellery charms are supplied with a jump ring for attachment to your own jewellery. Select from our fingerprint jewellery, handprint jewellery, footprint jewellery or even paw print jewellery and select the shape and size to get started on your own special keepsake.

Choose from our three different sizes; small charms (ideal for bracelets/necklaces or key-rings), larger pendant sized (best for key-rings or necklaces) or our extra-large charms which are perfect for key-rings or if you are looking for more of a statement piece of jewellery.

Approximate sizes and lettering length are as follows:

Round, 18mm in diameter, length of name 8 letters

Teardrop, 23mm high, length of name 7 letters

Heart, 17mm wide, length of name 5 letters

Square, 16mm wide/high, length of name 6 letters


Small Charms
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Extra Large Charm
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